Commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning

The condition of an office says a lot both to and about those who work there. Less than pristine conditions affect the performance of the staff, and give a bad impression to any prospective clients. A clean office can make all the difference to a company.

            Even beyond the aesthetic the time it takes for a staff to clean its own office is rarely worth it. Time is money and you can usually earn more money with your time that you save by doing the cleaning yourself. Concentrate on what’s important; let us look after the cleaning in the background so you can get on with running a company.

            Professional cleaners know the situation, and know the usual culprits. Don’t let unknown factors compromise the hygiene of your office, or reduce productivity through staff illness. We can give you the clean slate you need to run things at their best. A clean office is a part of a good business operation.

We will:

  • Clean floors
  • Clean stairways
  • Empty trash bins.
  • Dust blinds and wash windows.
  • Disinfect and clean kitchen facilities.
  • Clean fans and air conditioners.
  • Sanitise door knobs, switches and other high contact facilities.

While dust mites in mattresses are a less common problem in the office than they are in the home it is still possible for commercial properties to have dust mite issues. If you suspect a problem our mattress cleaning services can address dust mite and other vermin in your office. HEPA vacuuming and UV light treatment can quickly remove problems at their source.   

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