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CHC Home Cleaning – GYMEA BAY

Professional home cleaning has many advantages.

We all have busy lifestyles today, the last thing anybody wants to do is spend their free time cleaning their house. Instead, come home to a house kept immaculate by the professionals. Your time is worth a lot to you and your family. Spend your time on something productive, and let us look after the cleaning.


We run a service for home cleaning in Gymea. Having a local service is an advantage in every way. Need regular cleaning? We can schedule regular visits with others that we serve in the area. Need cleaning for a major event, on short notice? We are local and can get there faster than just about anybody else. Join our other happy customers in Gymea.

The right tools for the job. Professionals do this on a daily basis, so can afford the high end equipment and premium quality products. Buying in bulk means you get the premium quality at a reasonable price.

The experience in the trade. After many years of experience the professional has found the best way to get the right result, not by cutting corners but by using efficient and reliable methods. A professional cleaner knows what works.


When a job and reputation are on the line the results have to speak for themselves. Professional cleaners get the best results.

We conduct:

  • Regular cleaning
  • One off cleaning
  • Moving out cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning


Our specialty is Mattress cleaning. Our mattress cleaning services will target the cause of allergies that compromise health and lifestyle, microscopic dust mites. These dust mites elude conventional cleaning methods, requiring specialist equipment and a thorough knowledge of the situation, like our HEPA vacuum and UV light. Our methods remove the elusive factors that compromise your wellbeing.

Your health should never be ignored, and Mattress cleaning is a significant contribution to this; we spend one third of our life in bed. Dust mites can be the difference between severe allergies and a clean healthy life style. Cleaning the cause of the allergy can be a risk in itself, even if you do have the methods and materials. Let a professional remove the problem at the source.